Kwikset 99140-019 Smart code 914 UL Deadbolt with Smart key and Z-wave satin nickel review 2021

Kwikset 99140-019 Smart code 914 UL Deadbolt with Smart key and Z-wave satin nickel review 2021

Kwikset Smart code 914 UL Deadbolt

As the complexity of home technology and control keep on extending, buyers are requesting more from these items. In a bid to satisfy and surpass client assumptions for more home security , Kwikset, a main private security solutions organization, has dispatched the Kwikset 99140-002 Smart Code 914 UL Deadbolt with Smart Key and Z-Wave Satin Nickel, highlighting home associate innovation. This powerful and brilliantly planned savvy lock has a one of a kind touchpad and an electronic-controlled, one-touch mechanized deadbolt.


At the point when you purchase this lock, you can utilize your customized code to enter your home without a key, and the 11-button touchpad is illuminated to upgrade perceivability. The smart code touchpad is very simple to introduce, program and work and it utilizes 4 size AA batteries. It additionally brags of the most recent smart key re-keying innovation as a back-up keyway framework. The single chamber deadbolt is bolted and opened with the key or keypad from outside and a divert button from inside. The satin nickel finish gives  elegant, fresh and appealing look to the lock.

Features Smart code 914 UL Deadbolt

The lock has an altogether diminished inside size, an alter safe cover and successful code the executives framework that require an expert code. This implies the purchaser can give secure codes to approved users or guests and can undoubtedly add or eliminate these transitory codes.

The lock additionally includes a z-wave regulator which is web-empowered and the user can check, from a distant area, if the entryway is bolted or not. The user can likewise distantly open or lock the entryway and get an email when someone opens the entryway. Utilizing the mechanized deadbolt you can give access or lock the entryway as you like. The side locking innovation, which is licensed, offers upgraded protection from anyone attempting to knock the lock to get entrance. The smart key feature empowers the owner to effectively and rapidly re-key the lock so it works with an alternate key. This makes it simple to change keys for additional security.

Different highlights include

  • Easy establishment with just a screwdriver, and no hard wiring required.
  • No screw-openings required and effectively fits in typical (standard) entryways.
  • 30 security codes support, utilizing 4 to 8 digits.
  • Motorized deadbolt with tightened plan which withdraws and stretches out on order.
  • 128-bit encryption for improved security.
  • Auto-relock highlight which can be turned on and off.
  • All metal lock, BHMA grade 2 affirmation for toughness and security.
  • 20-minute resistance to fire UL rating.

Pros and Cons

  • The z-wave innovation is successful and effectively integrable with other security frameworks.
  • It has an alluring and exquisite finish.
  • It is an exceptionally dependable lock.
  • It is exceptionally adaptable with numerous programmable codes which make it profoundly helpful.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee for the mechanical operations and finishing and a one year guarantee for electronic operations.
  • The wire that passes through the entryway is somewhat long and needs some work to wrap it up appropriately.
  • Battery substitution requires the client to remove screws.
  • The client should adhere to guidelines distinctly for legitimate establishment and programming.
  • It needs an internet association for appropriate activity.

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